"A beautifully structured array of topics in Islamic and contemporary history viewed through the insightful lens of Dr Ridhwan Saleem and backed by scholarly references. The material covered is essential to know where we come from and to understand our rich and understated heritage."

- Awais Zaka, Whitton


"An informative and invaluable course for any anyone interested in history. The syllabus uniquely covers both Islamic and Western history so you can see what was happening in both civilizations simultaneously. It is rare to see such a course delivered by a Muslim academic. I would recommend this course to any serious student of knowledge as knowing who we are today means knowing what happened in the past."

 - Tahira Hadi, Cranford


"This course has helped me understand why Muslims have ended up in U.K., made me proud of Islamic Civilization and more confident to defend Islam in front of westerners. Sheikh Rizwan has encouraged us to read extensively and I am grateful to him for this."

-  Mubeen Akhtar, Southall


"Deep, insightful, and inspiring course on a wrongly-neglected subject."

-  Sheikh Faraz Rabanni (Seekers Guidance Executive Director)


"Attending the classes has opened my eyes to the interconnected nature of history and that events didn't happen in isolation. I have come to appreciate that  even now we are affected by events that happened many years ago. As a result of the classes I feel I have a more wholistic understanding of world history and am acutely aware of my gaps in learning."

 - Ismat Shahzad, High Wycombe


"For me, it was the juxtapositioning of the Islamic millennium against what was going on in Europe, the social, economic, intellectual and political thoughts and trends, that were most revealing. I had read a fair amount of material on Islamic history especially the discourse on the 'fall of Islamic empires' but did not have a clear understanding of chronological events. Also to analyse the causes and effects of changes in ideas that lead to the rise of West are fascinating. There are many things I learnt but one significant is the quote , We cannot judge Islam by the lense of Christianity as the experience of two civilisations is completely different'. 

This gives me hope. The despair one may feel at the current state of affairs is somewhat alleviated. 

We covered a lot of ground in limited time, so it was not possible to make the lessons more interactive. That would have really helped to solidify my understanding to some key concepts. Having said that, the knowledge gained has certainly made me look at the world in a different light, for which I am grateful to Sheikh Rizwan. May Allah bless him and give us the taufeeq to benefit from his knowledge in the future."

- Amir Butt, Hounslow


"Eye opening and thought provoking perspective on history as we know it. 

Sheikh Ridwan is a fountain of knowledge who has made us question the history books and allowed us to see past events in a different light. 

Would highly recommend and encourage all to attend!"

-  Kamran Ahmad, Heston


"A hugely beneficial course that is really one of a kind in it's nature. It gives a completely different perspective on history that just cannot be found through traditional means of study"

- Ibraheem Malik, Isleworth


"In regards to the History Course I found that the resources we were give was excellent as it had all the key information within it. This would allow us to understand the basics of this course. When presenting the lessons you would expand upon these notes developing our understanding of these basic notes. As of this, I managed to gain a grasp of the content and was able to have deeper understanding of the topics that we covered."
 - Faizan Ali Khan, High Wycombe